Southwest Energy Site Map

This sitemap is to assist our customers in finding all the pages on our site.

Southwest Energy::Contact Us
Office information and key trading, scheduling ad back office contacts.

Southwest Energy :: Customer Services
Southwest Energy specializes in natural gas supply aggregation and sales to the Gulf Coast, Mid-West, and Eastern regions of the United States with strong expertise in procuring quick, reliable, and cost-effective delivery options for industrial, LDC, and IPP customers.

Southwest Energy :: Midstream Natural Gas Marketers
For 10 years Southwest Energy has been a leadering midstream marketer in the natural gas industry focused on the Mid-West, Gulf Coast, and East Coast regions. We specialize in supply aggregation, sales, and logistical delivery for customers with a commitment to experience and integrity.

Southwest Energy :: Natural Gas Industry Links
Southwest Energy strives to make life easy for our customers. The list below is a set of helpful links to some of the most important web sites in the natural gas industry.

Southwest Energy :: Natural Gas Industry History
An excellent overview of the history of natural gas.

Southwest Energy :: Major Regulatory Acts in the Natural Gas Industry
An overview of the major regulatory acts that created the open access natural gas market in the United States.

Southwest Energy :: Our Story
The history of Southwest Energy and how we became the thriving company of today.

Southwest Energy:: Pipeline Links
For the convenience of our customers, we have provided a complete list of pipelines regulated by the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission in the Eastern and Central regions of the U.S.

Southwest Energy :: Pipeline Links :: Central Region
Links to Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) regulated pipelines in the central U.S.

Southwest Energy :: Pipeline Links :: Eastern Region
Links to Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) regulated pipelines in the Eastern U.S.

Southwest Energy :: Natural Gas Pricing Information
Links to NYMEX current month and NYMEX strip prices.

Southwest Energy :: Producer Services
As a direct wellhead purchaser, Southwest Energy handles all transportation and marketing, mitigating risks for producers and allowing them to focus on their core business.

Southwest Energy :: Risk Management Services
Southwest Energy seeks to put the customer first in minimizing risk and prides itself on staying in front of the evolving natural gas industry, both for spotting new opportunities and uncovering inefficiencies that can lead to higher costs..

Southwest Energy :: Services Overview
Southwest Energy offers a wide spectrum of services in multiple facets of the natural gas industry, from transportation to storage and risk management.

Southwest Energy :: Weather Information
Southwest Energy has provided this custom, real time weather information page for the convenience of our customers.