Our Story

The year was 2002, and the natural gas industry was in transition. Large companies were collapsing, while others were fleeing wholesale trading altogether, forcing producers and end users to rely on swiftly dwindling numbers of natural gas suppliers and deliverers.

Houston-based Southwest Energy, L.P. established itself during this transitional period of fundamental change by focusing on responsible, quality service that had been missing for years. The company found its niche as a flexible, experienced, and financially sound marketer, and has been setting the example ever since.

Avoiding the speculative trading and unnecessary risk-taking that had become the norm for natural gas, SWE returned to the fundamental idea that service to the customer comes first and has continued with that concept in mind.

SWE officially formed on November 11, 2002 as a collaboration between industry experts who had worked well together for years, bringing knowledge and experience from the perspective of both producer and end user. The team also combined expertise in the physical, financial and risk-management aspects of the industry, providing full natural gas service in a customer-oriented model.

The company is a privately owned and well capitalized Texas Limited Partnership. As equity owners in the company, every employee works creatively and cohesively to support and develop a healthy, successful company.

SWE’s goal is to seek out quality business, while building long-term mutually beneficial relationships with each customer.

Southwest Energy is currently expanding its midstream asset base by actively pursuing complementary business while remaining a dynamic player in the physical, fundamental gas market and, of course, takes the best possible care of its business partnerships.