Welcome to Southwest Energy

For close to a decade, Southwest Energy L.P. (SWE) has been a successful midstream marketer in the natural gas industry focused on the Mid-West, Gulf Coast, and East Coast regions. We specialize in supply aggregation, sales, and logistical delivery for customers with a commitment to experience and integrity. We are committed to providing the highest level of service for our customers.

Offering a wide variety of regional and national expertise to both producers and consumers which include industrial, local distribution companies (LDCs), and power plants, the company is a flexible and comprehensive asset to any business partner.

Combining over 100 years of industry experience among its employees, SWE has the expertise to guarantee stable, high quality, successful business relationships and the ability to handle the volatility of the industry. Utilizing its team's vast knowledge and experience ranging from producing, trading, and local distribution, SWE works together with the customer to ensure creative and cohesively aligned results.

Southwest Energy’s unique and successful combination of top-notch expertise and responsibility with personal attention and service to the client makes it an ideal match for any player in the industry.